Friday, 9 September 2011

I made another video

But as a little update from that... I feel kinda lost. I want to write to her, but I don't even have anything to say. For the last two years I have had someone to talk to, I haven't told her everything but I have opened up about feelings around being raped. At some point I will probably be having therapy again and I don't want all that work to be lost, to have to open up to yet another person. I don't know what the best way to pass on that information is. Maybe I should request my CAMHS notes, that way I can give any new therapist a summary of them? I don't know. I really want my Priory notes too but I have to write to the Priory Group for them. I think I have until I'm 26 as I think they have to keep them for 8 years after you turn 18 if you were a child when you were treated.

I might go and have a google.

I had passport photos done yesterday, I look about 12.


  1. hey love, glad to see you looking more happy in your vid! And you have such lovely long pretty hair :)

    Getting for uni is exciting! I loved getting all my new stuff. Thanks for your last few comments, they have been really great. I'll definitely check that link out xxxx

  2. You are so pretty and adorable! Isobel is right, you hair is gorgeous.

    I don't know what the protocol is with therapy records - are they able to transfer them to another therapist? Perhaps you can get a recommendation from your therapist about who you should see while you're at university - that way it won't be a complete stranger?

  3. I know how you mean that you want to write but you're not sure what to write :(

    Sorry you had to leave your therapist but, try and not be upset that it's all gone, but happy that she impacted you this much. I know it's hard to find someone that you trust enough to open up to, but you will find someone else. You would have to leave her eventually, and it would feel too soon no matter when that time was. Try and look at the positives that there's plenty of other therapists, and it's great that she affected you so positively AND that you're gonna go to uni! (:

    I can imagine it's hard, and it's natural to get upset over it, so don't supress that, but try and focus on the positives? (:

    (sorry if this is getting repetitive)

    It's worth a shot to request your CAHMS notes get passed on, right? (:

    Take care, xxxxxx

  4. Ahh, i forgot to listen to your vlog:

    that's good you are thinking of the positives then, and at least you didn't have to leave earlier, like when you turned 18? (: it's good it wasn't as bad as you expected when you left, but you can still be upset about it?

    and i'm glad you're writing poetry to let it out. I'd like to hear/read it, but it's fair enough if you don't want to as it's personal to you (: xxxxxxxxxx