Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It isn't that I'm not reading, I just don't have the energy to comment at the moment. I know that doesn't really count if you don't even know I read your blog but...I've just been so tired since the weekend.
I tried starting to pack today and I just have so much stuff. Going through all my clothes I have changed shape/ lost weight relatively recently because things I bought in the spring are now too big/ loose. Like a dress I have on with lacy sleeves in some FB photos, I'd got it that day and it fitted now I have to put a belt on it or it looks silly and my arms don't fill the sleeves. But I don't feel a different size. I still have clothes I've bought that don't fit yet size 24 velvet skinny trousers (UK 4, US 0) my arse is too big but they fit on the legs.

Anyway...it is like a history of my weight fluctuations and I don't know what sizes to leave at home and what to take consequently I have 4 pairs of jeans and a lot of leggings to wear with oversized jumpers. It will be winter after all.

I had my last driving lesson today, in a way that has been a bit like therapy. Two hours a week to gossip with a lovely lady or just chat about whatever.

I don't know what else to say...oh I'm getting this computer which is good :)


  1. the legging and oversized jumpers is the plan that i'm going to follow...my entire suitcase consists of it at the moment! ;) hope you're ok, lovely, xo.

  2. Yay for computer :D boo for clothes not fitting although does this mean we get to do more shopping? ;) xxxxxxxxx Yay for computer :D boo for clothes not fitting although does this mean we get to do more shopping? ;) xxxxxxxxx

  3. I'm glad the computer deal has been sorted! Leggings and oversized jumpers are the way to go... foolproof!

  4. Just bring some big things and some small things . . . because your weight will probably fluctuate after the move!

  5. Hi hun, Yes bring a mix, I know how u feel, stupid clothes, thats great ur getting a new computer,
    are u trying to lose more weight? :(

  6. I agree with everyone else - it's good to bring a mix, you can always fit into larger clothes when you're smaller, but not vice-versa. I'm sure you'll still be slim and gorgeous, but in case you gain even a few pounds and those size 0s get snug, it'll be better to have a back-up plan.

    Good luck with the packing - moving is so overwhelming - I wish I could come help you!