Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday morning OMG WHAT AM I DOING HERE blog

Okay...slightly stressing out! I had breakfast with my block this morning (my hall is 300 people divided into blocks (like seperate staircases) and there are 18ish people in mine). It was easier than expected I had branflakes and coffee. But now I'm kinda scared because I need to go and find a freshers rep about events this evening and then I'm meeting Jenn (my mentor) in an hour but I don't know where yet.
I get on with pretty much everyone in my block which is really nice, I think we've gelled quite well.

It is all just a bit overwhelming. Also...the internet is super slow so I will make a video but I don't know how long it'll take to upload so no promises!

Also I just checked my bank account and until my grant comes through on Wednesdayish time I have £90 which I know is a lot for 3 days but it just makes me panic. I'm used to having emergency money, like serious emergency (I have to get home NOW and I will buy any ticket you've got to do so) kinda a thing! So it just panics me a little.

I'll probably be blogging a lot though :) xxx

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  1. that's good you're getting along with people from your block :) and i hope meeting Jen went well! :)

    try and not stress as it wont help really. i know it's always more comforting to have that "back up" plan. soon hopefully you'll settle in and stop worrying about things :(

    haha, nothing wrong with blogging lots :) xxxxxxxxxxx