Friday, 16 September 2011

My productive day

As Lissy may have guessed from my excessive spamming of her facebook wall...I haven't done a lot today.
I have actually done some packing, but there is only so much you can do a week before you're leaving...

Things I can do are:
  1. Post medical finance form (for free meds)
  2. Photocopy and scan in to computer all relevant paperwork
  3. Finish passport form
  4. Call student finance to swap accounts
  5. Sort out sewing stuff that I'm taking
  6. Finish the rucksack I'm making (almost there!!!)
  7. Wash sheets and towels
  8. Get stain remover powder (for laundry)
  9. Bike insurance
Then my computer gets delivered next Wednesday morning and I'll have to do some things with that. I need some memory sticks for putting my camera card in the PC and my microSD phone memory card. And I want a laptop case that I can just put in my rucksack instead of having a separate bag but I'll see what kind comes with my laptop first.


  1. Ahh sounds like a good list (: and that's cool you sew - i always wish i could sew. do you make things a lot? (:

    good luck with completing your list (: xxxxxxx

  2. I gathered you were slacking slightly ;)

    Pack those clothes! And get leather sewing!xxxxxxx

  3. Is this the same bag you posted about a few weeks/months ago? (sorry, I'm crap with tracking time) If so, it was lush, and I'm glad yoou've nearly finished it (: x