Monday, 26 September 2011

My room & a ramble from me!

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  1. that's good they're being supportive. they understand that it's the mindset as well as the weight and they know your past with hospitals and what not i assume, and they definitely wont think you're a "fraud".

    why can't you eat cheese? :(

    maybe try and (gradually, if that will help more?) eat a bit more food types? you don't have to suddenly eat loads of new foods at once, but try and gradually add it into your diet or something? :/

    haha you don't need an analogy, i get what you mean. though, i am intrigued where you were gonna go with "if someone died . . ."

    hahahaha, maybe i have a secret twin i was never told about?! try and subtlely take a picture? ;P

    hope tomorrow goes well :) xxx