Friday, 9 September 2011

So pissed off. My brother told me to 'calm down' I was tic-ing. I (FUNNILY ENOUGH) can't control that. I'm stressed out because I've been funded for a shit computer that doesn't have enough RAM for what I need to use it for. For the £269 the company (which gets things cheaper) is spending, I could walk into PCWorld and get a better one.
Oh and I'm meant to run mind map on has a 15 inch screen. What is the effing point in giving me expensive programmes so I can visualise things when the screen is too small to use them properly???

My mum comes home, I try to tell her, she walks off halfway through me talking. I want to cry and scream and say I won't eat dinner. I've binged and I feel full and I JUST WANT THEM ALL TO PISS OFF!

Oh and I can't talk to anyone about it because people just think "oh well you get a free computer!"



  1. ugh, that is obnoxious. It's the last thing you need on top of everything else going on :/

    hang in there! xx

  2. Some people don't know anything about computers to realize why it's such a big deal. Ignore them. Bitch here all you want. Seriously.

  3. >< sorry your brother was acting really insensitive to your tic-ing :( could he have meant just to try and relax so it might stop? :/ (if relaxing or something like that doesn't stop it, then sorry. i don't know these things)

    That's shitty that they happened to get a shitty computer for you when they could have got a better one for the same price :( could you talk to them and say you find a different one helps you significantly better?

    I hope you're feeling better today anyway lovely, :( xxxxx

  4. I hate it when people who know nothing about computers don't understand.

    I guess us looking younger means we'll appear younger when old. Until then it is going to be a pain in the butt proving you are actually old enough to be sat in Yates. :P
    A list sounds a good idea. I might try that next time.

  5. Chin up! Breathe deeply and just let them wash over you. xxxxxxxxx