Wednesday, 7 September 2011

une autre vidéo


  1. I love your neurological talk :) :)

    And I love your rambling too!xxxxx

  2. again, i'll relpy here.

    sorry to hear you failed your theory - it doesn't matter though, there's always next time though (: but that's soo annoying it was just by 1 mark! >:o

    and i'm glad you had a nice time away (: i don't mind what your videos are about - they're your videos and i like them at the moment. i don't think they're rambly anyways (:

    aww i didn't know you had torrets (sp?), i think because the media pick out the most dramatic stories to get their readers attention, often people can get a majorly stereotyped view on these sort of things which are far from the truth :/ hopefully someday you'll grow out of it though (:

    take care, xxxxxx

  3. i like your videos :)
    and i know how you feel about uni...i feel precisely the same way, xo.

  4. Hey, at least there're only five others in your bathroom... I had thirty-five!
    It'll be great :)