Thursday, 20 October 2011


I haven't made this week's video yet, I might make it with Lissy whilst she is here...
I pretty much binged all day today.

Chocolate (242)
hot chocolate (150)
cookie (250)
bran flakes (200)
paella (370)
garlic flat bread (300)
bran flakes (200)
mocha (120)
smoothie (120)

And I probably ate some other stuff I just can't remember. It is like 99% carbs and fat. I haven't done any exercise either.

Lissy arrives tomorrow afternoon. I need to do my laundry before my 2pm lecture, I have about 2 loads. Luckily I have change for the machines.

I bought my water polo team costume today (ahhhh!) I didn't know what size to get so I got a 28" because that is my under bust ish so I dunno what I'm going to do if it doesn't fit (you order online). Hopefully it comes before the end of the month because we have a match on 31st (Probably going to miss Halloween :( ) I think it is at Warwick and I have a friend there so maybe she'll come and watch? I dunno.

I just had a lovely bitchy gossip with my neighbour about a housemate who is annoying me. So that relieved some stress.

My election speech/ question time went fine :) there isn't anyone running against me and the only guy running for the male welfare rep seems pretty good :) so hopefully we'll work well together. I saw the psych nurse yesterday, she was a bit worried about me running for it, but thought I'd be good if I got the role just possibly take on too much. She is going to talk to the counselling service tomorrow and see what kind of thing they could offer me (she knows I HATE it when the therapist doesn't really talk) if they can't do the right thing then she is going to refer me to a psychologist. For now the GP will be in charge of the weight side of things but if things go bad then they can do a fast ED referral.

I'm 33.3% of the way through my first term and 13% of the way through my first year so 4% of the way through my degree :P


  1. Hope you have an amazing time with Lissy :]


  2. Binging isn't the best thing to do, and it hurts. Try buying apple cider vinegar pills, they help you lose weight and burn off fat/food.
    Take care

  3. r.alsharif: I think you're maybe slightly missing the point of this, just a smidge. I suspect that Eloise is already aware that binging isn't ideal, and although it does "hurt" sometimes, the harmful bit really is the purging. Also, if it were me, I'd feel shitty enough about it already! Anyway the actual point of my comment is that after god only knows how many years of Anorexia and months and months on end in hospitals and almost dying and all that fun, I really don't think that she needs any "tips" on how to go about destroying herself anymore ;) Considering she's one of the only people in the world I actually trust- I'd prefer she didn't die and ideas of ways for her to lose weight- well, they don't best please me!

    Oh- and yeah, binging isn't good, but I know that a lot of people, probably myself included, would be long dead without the calories ingested during binging.

    Sorry if I'm being a bitch, actually, I'm not really, I prefer my friends alive!

  4. I agree Lissy

    I hope ur ok Eloise,
    Lots of love, looking forward to ur vlog,

  5. I hope you and Lissy are having a splendid time :)

    I'm glad your speech went well too and the questions :) i always find q's are the hardest part so well done :D

    i like the mathsy bit at the end too :p xxxxxxx