Sunday, 16 October 2011

Drunken friends and such

Last night we had our cheese and wine party, I had a lot of crackers and one small glass of red. I threw up dinner though...
Anyway so it was quite good. Then some of the others got in from this thing called a rag raid which is where you dress up, go to a city and shake tins at the public to raise money. Then on the bus back you drink A LOT and there are loads of games and forfits for doing ANYTHING so everyone just ends up vomiting everywhere and literally pissing where they are sitting.
So last night a girl I live with got so drunk she walked home in her underwear from the bus drop off point, completely drunk. So I looked after her, and she is lovely so I don't mind. I just am so angry at the organisers for letting her do that. I don't care if she is an 'adult' she is 18 and they were literally pouring it down her throat and she was frozen.

So I'm thinking about running for welfare rep for my hall but the applications close at 9am tomorrow...and I'm hardly the best person for it given the amount of proffesionals I see, and what if I get really skinny??? What if I DON'T get really skinny?!?!?!?!?

Anyway...basically not going to, though morally I think I should.


  1. my dad said to me yesterday how responsible you seem ;)
    i can't think of anyone i'd rather look after my welfare than you. you might not be great at looking after yourself but you're fucking good at looking after people and being all good and stuff.

    that's shite that they let her walk home like that!!! :( bastards!!

    i love crackers but i hate wine and cheese.

    is nottingham cold? love you xxx

  2. You're right, that shouldn't be allowed.
    It's ridiculous that adult adults would let a teenager walk about in underwear.
    Kindof pervy too.

    I'm sorry your thoughts are getting in the way of things, I wish you could over come that and I hope that one day you will, because you seem very mature and bright.