Friday, 28 October 2011

Feeling a bit less melodramatic today. I went to both my lectures, went the library inbetween. I want to get all bar the finishing touches of my essay done this weekend.
I've hurt my knee but I don't know how, I'm waiting for some water to freeze so I can put ice on it. On the other leg I've strained my calf. Actually it is probably from wearing (ancient) heels last night.
I talked a lot of crap at dinner last night.
I haven't got in touch with Claire about her not giving me an appointment. It'll work out.

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  1. Aww well i'm glad you're feeling better today :) although i wouldn't say you were particulary melodramatic in your last blog :)

    I hope your knee is feeling better :(

    Could you try and make an appt with Claire? :/ she wouldn't intentionally forget to give you one, and it will show her how you do want them to help you :(


    (p.s. thank you for your comment, space issues dont matter ;) - you're always welcome here too :) and i think lissy's teeth grinding is really cute! :p)