Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hey sorry, anyone who has asked me something recently by text/blog/facebook. My internet here is horrifically slow to the extent you can only work one tab at a time. I might go and see if it is better in the library later today.
Lecture: It was fine, it was only about 45 minutes and was essentially the first part of AS Biology (age 16!) so that was fine. It does get harder and all the biology is linked to pharmacology so I find it more interesting :) I have 4 hours on Monday starting 9 til 6pm (obviously with gaps!). I have Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Addiction and a double Biomed on...action potentials and electrical activity which is like A2 Biology (age 17) so all okay I think. Except. grrr. I changed lab groups because the biomed lactures were meant to be 2-3pm Thursday but they are 12-1pm Thursday so now I need to pretend I didn't change lab groups :S our labs are computer based in first year (for psychology) so hopefully there will be space...
I went to a UV 'rave' party last night in a massive marquee. It was a silent disco which is where you have headphones on for the music and you can change between the two DJ's IT WAS SO GOOD. I have never been that relaxed in a club atmosphere. I dunno if the dancing counteracted the double vodka lemonade and 3 vodka sugary drinks...5.3 units and a tonne of sugar :/ I did dance for 4 hours solid though. My legs ache so much this evening because my legs and feet swelled up 'cause of my crappy circulation.
Brunch opens in a bit (we get it on weekends instead of breakfast and lunch) there is cooked stuff or jacket potatoes but I'm not hungry :/
Yesterday I felt really shit after I saw my Advisor...I didn't know we only had 30 minutes and I talked too much so she didn't have time to do my sports centre referral (so I get it half price). I was thinking about OD'ing and everything so I'd have someone to talk to, but I'm getting referred on Monday so I KNOW there was no point. I came back to hall and hung out with people and felt better though.

Lissy I miss you xxx


  1. Hi lovely, Im so sorry Ive been such a shit commenter lately :(
    I hope ur ok
    Did brunch go ok?
    Thank God u went to ppl and felt better, Stay away from them tabs,


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  3. That rave sounds crazy!! I never heard of a silent disco, but it sounds like my kind of disco (no loud noise :D).

    Hope you feel better, luv. No OD'ing!!! Good you took the initiative and went to be around people. I'm glad. We're here, too, if you need to talk!


  4. The party sounds awesome! Glad your back!