Sunday, 9 October 2011

I want to just sleep.

9-10 Perception lecture
1-2 Addiction lecture
3pm Psych nurse appointment
4pm Sell ticket to guy in common room (I don't have the energy to party)
4-6pm Biomed lecture

I don't know what to say to the nurse. I need to make a list like Lissy said, like I always tell people to do. This is the first new psych person I have seen in exactly 2 years.

I have no energy. It is 8pm and I'm going to sleep after I've written the list.

My fridge is being really noisy.

I have an individual tutorial on Tuesday at 10am. I don't know what to say.


  1. I hope things go well with your busy busy day! wow.
    Sounds so productive though.

    It's great that you're going to speak to someone, and making lists can make things easier and seem clearer.

    Have a nice wee kip hon'.

  2. good luck with it all.
    My fridge is really noisy too.