Sunday, 30 October 2011

I was going to do a post about the halloween party I went to last night but my friend hasn't put up any of the photos and I wanted to include a couple.
So instead I'm going to write about how much my chest hurts, the left side feels tight and cramping. I've been eating, I've been taking my medication. It shouldn't be like this.
I'm also having serious bowel issues, I think I have IBS. I keep meaning to make a doctor's appointment to check it isn't anything worse but...the past week kinda distrated me.

I OD'd last Monday by the way. I didn't outright say before because I hadn't told Lissy (and wasn't going to, but I'm crap at lying).

There is another halloween thing tomorrow which I want to go to but I don't have a ticket! They've sold out online but I really don't want to queue for one tomorrow because the people I'm going with have tickets :/

My chest is really tight :(

Oh and pretty much all the girls I live with now know I used to have anorexia...and that I was in hospital and stuff, they don't know so much about the more psycho stuff but yeah. Oh and the med student I live with was raped (like 6 months ago) so we talked about that a bit cos of my stuff, so she knows about that too now.

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