Saturday, 8 October 2011

I'm not normal

I'm still going to this guys flat this afternoon...I don't think I even like him? I don't know why I'm going. I don't know how to say I'm not, I feel like I have to. Even now (having only met him twice) I'm thinking I'll just go out with him until the end of term or until he dumps me... even though we aren't 'going out'.
I'm not eating until dinner tonight.


  1. You are normal; I do this all the time. But I've found someone I really like, that I can see a very happy future with. That's what you need to remember. You can't waste your love, time, energy, morals even, on someone you don't like. You've only seen him twice, so just make an excuse for tonight (oh, I've got loads of uni work, or a night out that you had forgotten about - all very plausible!) and don't go, if you don't want to. You don't need his attention to make you feel better about yourself. Wait for someone who makes you feel loved, perfect AND beautiful. Then if he asks what's happening between the two of you then just act dumb and naive and say that you just thought he was a good mate and was being friendly.
    Lots of love, and don't compromise on a boyfriend or yourself.

  2. Normal = average, and who wants to be average! ;)

    Don't think about what happens if you go out with him yet, he hasn't even asked you and it's okay to say no :( however, I do get why you'd be hesitant to say yes to it so it depends why you want to say no - if it's because of shit in the past holding you back and deep down you think you might like him, then go for it, it's worth a shot right? And you can always break up if it doesn't go to plan :) don't let stuff in the past hold you back - because you deserve to do what you want. If you dont wanna go out with him just because you don't like him then that's fine, you can tell him no, it's hard to but it's better to not lead him on and things.

    Sorry, take care and hope things went well, xxxxx

  3. Just saw one of your youtube videos- I knew you were beautiful.

    Take care. I miss you. I also don't really know what to say to people anymore. But I just want to remind you that I think you are great. X