Saturday, 8 October 2011

I'm not ready

Erm well it didn't go so well...there were various reasons. I left and cried and he walked me to the bus. It wasn't him specifically more that I got really really down and started thinking rubbish.
So then I came back and hung out with my flat which was lovely and I realised how much I really really like them.
It is okay between me and the guy, I vaguely explained what was going on in my head and he was nice and said it didn't seem like the right time for a relationship which is true.
I don't want all this shit in the way. I've had 2 coffees, 2 brandy snaps and about 400 calories of cereal this evening (and I haven't had anything else). It was too easy.
I'm going ice skating tomorrow.

Thank you for your lovely comments xxx


  1. I'm sorry :( was it thinking what I mentioned on FB?
    I'm looking at trains btw- :) I miss you.

    I'm glad you told him that it wasn't right for a r/ship at the moment, I'm really pleased you were able to be honest.

    This is a pooey pointless comment. Sorry. I love you xxx

  2. It's ok not to be ready. You have to be in a good place yourself to be a good partner for someone else. Have fun ice skating tomorrow.

  3. aww, i hope you're ok! have a nice time iceskating :) xo.

  4. I haven't read any blogs recently, but I'm sorry that it didn't go well! :-(
    Sounds like he was pretty understanding though, and you're being very mature about it.

    You don't deserve "all this shit" either.

    I hope you have a good time ice skating and clear your head for a little while.