Saturday, 15 October 2011

I've gained 3lbs since Monday even though I've been eating LESS except for yesterday when I ate dinner and then chips.
Now in my spreadsheet I'll end up a higher weight by the end of term...but I can change that obviously. Hopefully I'll be back down by Monday because I think I'm retaining water from alcohol last night. We went to a beer festival at the Castle and there were a lot of microbreweries so the alcohol content was quite high. I had some mead which was like 16% so yeah...probably retaining water.
I was going to go swimming today but I haven't, the pool is open until 5pm but I am so so so tired and I need to do some reading and tidy my room.
Tomorrow I don't know what I'm going to do but I have water polo at 4pm. Then on Monday it all starts again.
I need to photocopy my home psych discharge letter for the psych nurse here. I'm seeing her on Wednesday but she wanted the letter in advance so I need to drop that off on Monday.

Tonight my block (16ish of us) are having a cheese and wine party... the guys organised it. I can't eat cheese (lactose intolerant) and I don't really want to have this is great.

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  1. if you've been eating less than usual (which must be virtually nothing :( ) then i can imagine it's waterweight :/

    it doesn't matter if you haven't been swimming :) i hope you relaxed anyways if you're tired, and just chilled for a bit :)

    hope tonight goes well even if you can't eat cheese, and dont want alcohol :( take care, xxx