Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday starts at 9am

Seeing the GP was fine, she did my blood pressure but when I said I didn't want to be weighed she said she wasn't going to argue with me over it so it was fine not to be. I showed her my discharge letter and stuff and she was really nice. I've been referred to the mental health nurse who can then pass me on to the rest of the MH team if need be.
I had a 9am lecture today, then I went to the library to get two massive books, then I had the doctor and now I'm back here and I have an hour until my next lecture and I just want to sleep even though I need to leave in 40 minutes to walk there and I should get lunch too... then I have a 2 hour break until biomed lecture 4-6pm.
I had breakfast with people, I dunno the calories but branflakes with soya milk and a coffee with soya milk so 150? And I had a 30 calorie marshmallow so 180 so far. I might do some soup? I was going to get soup from the cafe but I have to walk over there...
Swimming starts tomorrow :S and the team is going out Wednesday night so I need the energy for that. Luckily this semester I have no classes on Wednesdays so I can catch up on sleep from lectures and training!

I didn't go to bed until gone midnight yesterday but I got woken up at 2am by people coming back from the last freshers event then I had to get up at 7:30. These lectures better well be interesting.

Sorry I haven't been commenting recently, a lot of the time I just don't know what to say :/


  1. Are you enjoying school so far? It sounds like you're quite the busy bee! I hope you have a great Monday to start your week out right, Miss Eloise.

  2. Aww that's good the GP is so lovely about it all :) hopefully you'll get a good amount of support up there :) sorry you're feeling so tired already! :( I hope you got something before your lecture to help you concentrate and things :) hope you sleep better tonight :) xxxxx