Thursday, 13 October 2011

Today I have a biomed lecture 12-1pm and a computer lab 1-4pm so I'm going to have to run away from the lecture early to get the the lab because I'm possibly in the wrong group for that and I don't want to be left without a computer :/ there needs to be about 65 computers for it to be okay and there are alot but I don't know how many...
I made a spreadsheet of my weighloss by week and therefore my projected weight for future weeks. I weigh myself on Mondays.
Sorry this is a bit blergh boring...
I went to the cinema yesterday, we saw Johnny English: Reborn which was okay or good, I don't know. The chairs were comfy.

Oh and I'm probably going to Amsterdam in November with two of the aussies I live with and hopefully another person (who we need to find) OH SHIT PASSPORT...I really need to send off for my passport like TODAY now...dammitdammmitdammit.


  1. hope you manage to get a computer.
    run, forrest, fun :P


  2. Hope you got all the passport stuff sorted :) Amsterdam sounds pretty awesome! :)

    It's not boring, talk about whatever you want though I do wish you didn't try and lose weight. Sorry.

    I hope today with lectures and what not went well :) xxxx

  3. Amsterdam... I envy you your travels!

    I do hope you are able to get a computer. xx