Monday, 10 October 2011


So I went to this appointment. She hadn't got the paperwork from the GP who referred me so I burst into tears and almost walked out. But I came back and sat down and calmed down. And just did a very condensed summary of the last 5 years.
I'm seeing her next Wednesday at 10am. We're going to go through all the services and decide which would be best for me and also which ones are actually good around here. She works for the university which means she can be really honest about which services are good and which aren't.
She doesn't think b-eat would be useful for me, which I completely agree on. It is a peer support group and not run by any professionals and I just think I'd use the whole time as 'thinspiration'. She is however very aware that weight is a problem and something they need to keep a close eye on (so you can stop worrying Lissy!).
Erm yep...going to choir now xxx


  1. Good girl :P
    I'm really proud of you for going back in! Seriously! I'm glad she's gonna properly advice you on the best services- it seems like a really good thing! And I'm so so glad that it looks like you will see a professional hopefully, you know I think you should :D

    And thank the bloomin' lord they'll keep an eye on the weight- it saves me from continually running up to Nottingham to do it on their behalf!! ;)


  2. Best authentication code EVER. "pre come" life is good.