Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Video Time!

J'ai fait une autre vidéo pour votre divertissement, n'hésitez pas à mourir d'ennui durant celle-ci!


  1. Aww that's so annoying you had to do the video twice :(

    Sorry they've messed up food for you :( :( that's horrible, especially as you struggle to eat as it is :/ that's good though that you had something before swimming (even though thats a tiny amount)

    Hopefully today's menu is better :(

    Sorry you've not been able to concentrate much in lectures and things :(

    I dont mind what topics you do about - that's very unhelpful so sorry but honestly I don't mind :) if it's a lot of hassle dont feel obliged to do vids :)

    Take care, xxxxx

  2. Nah I disagree with Lily, even if it's a hassle you still do them because they make me happy so there! :P

    Any of the topics you listed sound goooood :D you know me, I like stories about anything.

    Most importantly, I spy spidey!!! :D xxxxx

  3. awww, that sucks that they've messed your food up! i hope it gets sorted out for you! also, i like watching your videos, and am happy with whatever you chose to talk about, any of the topics sound good xo.