Sunday, 20 November 2011

Accoording to what she has told my friend she was in hospital a lot of last year. And she told me sha has had problems since she was 11. I've decided there is nothing else I can do. Her flatmates have already told the hall warden (head of accomodation) and asked them to do something but as far as I know they just came round to the flats handing out ed leaflets and counselling leaflets to everyone.
Her BMI is probably 19-21. I have kinda decided to wash my hands of it unless she approaches me with a different attitude.
Thanks for the comments, made me feel less insane!


  1. Sounds like the best course of action to me... to be honest, it sounds to me like she really does just want the attention.

  2. 11 is so young! I can't even imagine dealing with this at that age.