Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I just want to eat and eat and eat and eat until I can't anymore and purge in complete privacy.
I have the day 'off' tomorrow, in that I don't have any classes but I need to write my essay, as in get it 90% done (so all bar refrencing and bibliography). I don't know if that gives me time to go in to town to binge and purge.
I think I'd go to Greggs the bakers and see what there was, I've not been in one so cupcakes, or something with cream. Then I'd get McDonalds chicken burger, fries, strawberry/chocolate milkshake. And a bag of salt and vinegar chips sticks, maybe some chocolate bars. Then I'd find a public loo, one that really no one would want to use and I'd puke and puke and puke. There is a pay to use one (looks like a pod) but you only get 20mins and then the doors just open and what if I wasn't done by then?!!

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