Thursday, 17 November 2011

Got a little lost!

Today was mildly amusing. I got up early and was in the computer room at psychology for 9am to finish my lab report. Printed it out and handed it in. Feeling super organised I went to the common room and made notes on aggression for my tutorial presentation (which is preparation for our next essay). Then I went to the cafe and my brother called me. Then I had my BioMed lecture on wee...well actually the renal system and measuring it but he digressed a little bit and talked about what causes wee to be different colours black, blue, red, purple, green, orange and of course yellow!
Feeling like the day was going well I thought I'd go to the town west of campus as opposed to the city which is east-ish. It is two miles to the town and I thought I'd get the bus given I didn't know the exact route blahblah. My round trip was 31 miles...I went on a bus, two trams and another bus and did not end up where I intended in the end flat mates have suggested some one takes me next time..! (They were lovely about it though :P )

6 of us have made an agreement to live together next year...but we haven't told the others. It isn't that I don't want to live with the others except one girl and ahhh! Basically.

I'm going home this weekend! I'm only there briefly, most of the time I'm at scouts.

I have the doctor again tomorrow. My stomach is sooo painful and bloated :'(


  1. how in the world did you manage that?! ;) and ohhh, that's awkward with your latmates...they'll probably understand though, you cant share with everyone! good luck with the doctor tomorrow, xo.

  2. Sounds like quite an adventure... I can picture myself doing something like that. No sense of direction. I hope things work out with the flatmates, and that your appt tomorrow goes well!

  3. Aheh that's a pretty impressive achievement to travel 31 miles after an intended 2 miles :p well done ;) hopefully if one of the flat mates show you next time you won't get toooo lost in the future :p

    Hope you have a nice time back home :) Sorry to hear about your stomach >< I'm glad you had a good day (up until the getting lost part :p) xxxx