Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hello, feeling slightly more alive :)

So yesterday I got up and went to this one off yoga class (It is 'healthy u' week at my uni). It was not as good as I was was in a freezing cold sports hall when they could have done it in the aerobics studio or the dance studio. The mats were proper yoga mats but I have bruises from laying on them and I do actually have body fat so I doubt anyone else was that comfortable either. Then the teacher was bloody wierd! Firstly she said "right so no one has any mental health problems and no one has any health problems?" and I was just like whatthehell?! Why would someone put their hand up in a class of strangers and be like "oh yeah, I have x, y and z". Then she went on about how she specialises in mental health and is now learning how to do yoga teaching for cancer patients. We did some breathing, one triangle pose, cat and child. Literally IT in an hour and a half!? We had to stare at the word JOY for ages and she rambled a lot about how she had mental health problems when she was a student. Then she got us to see which nostril was stronger when we breathed out through our noses. If it was the left then it meant something and if it was the right then it meant something. In genuine confusion I said "I have a blocked nose". Honestly it was just WIERD. Oh and FREEZING.
Then I came back and spent the next 4 hours in bed trying to warm up, had a shower, chatted to my neighbour then we went to dinner where there wasn't any food I could eat (all covered in dairy products).
I went to Choir where I sucked because I seem to have failed to learn carols in the past 19 years of my life and the whole blocked nose thing didn't help. Realised I can't go next week so just going to avoid the stupid concert. I think the woman thinks I'm lying when I email her saying I'm ill/ in hospital it has happened a few times now.
Erm. This evening I have the meeting with my warden about going to hospital and other matters...I don't know what to tell him. I guess I'll just have to see how much he asks. If he just asks if I'm feeling better then it is fine but if he asks details I don't know how to tell him.
Claire thinks she knows the guy I'm probably going to be seeing at ED services. He is probably going to see me at the university but I'm not sure. I'm seeing Claire tomorrow at 3pm and then Dr Connor at 2.40pm then my train to LISSY'S is at 3.34pm hmm...I think I might need to change my appointment time :/ he normally runs late and it is a 20 minute appointment plus another 35 minutes to get to the train station :/ I should call them.

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  1. Thank you very much for your comment. I'm not particularly proud of that last post; I was in an awful mental state. But I'll leave it up, because hey, it's me. As for the photo, thank you for commenting on that as well. I am trying to reconcile my body image with others' view of me, so some perspective is nice. As for ABC, maybe I'm crazy. I can't get it out of my head. Who knows?

    That yoga class sounds very strange, indeed. I usually love yoga, but I doubt I would've enjoyed it much with that instructor. I'm glad you feel more alive. I was getting worried about you. xxx