Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I'm not doing so good, I guess.
I had my appointment with Claire psych support nurse person. Talked about a mixture of easy stuff (just uni stuff) and hard stuff...like how I wasn't eating or drinking. I've had fluids now. I ate some noodles but I threw them up, ya know, in a carrier bag in my room. Nice and classy.
I don't really know why things have got worse. Anyway, she said about the referral to a psychologist again which I didn't agree to in the session but then I emailed her and said a sort of yes. She also thinks I should be seeing the GP for bloods, being weighed and blood pressure and all the other tests I've been having for years. I don't want that though, firstly my weight is completely fine, secondly being checked up on just makes me want to lose even more and be even sicker.

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  1. Could things be getting worse because of stress? Or maybe because of this "change in lifestyle"? I know most people probably don't react very much when they change their lifestyles, but I do (as does my mother) which usually leads to me doing silly stuff. I hope you work out the reason why soon anyways :)

    I'm glad the support nurse knows you're not eating or drinking. Could you tell her how being checked up on makes things worse? :(

    Take care love, xxxxx