Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Lab Report

I'm meant to be working on my lab report which is due midday Thursday. I've got 600 words. However I haven't written the abstract, introduction, results (much) or discussion... I just can't make my head work.

I had welfare training this morning then I had to literally run to my blood test. Then she couldn't get any blood so it took six attempts...then I came back and ATE LUNCH with my flatmates. One of the guys said "oh wow Eloise is actually eating a meal" which made me feel super awkward because I eat meals all the time??? Now I need to do work...

This evening I have a budget meeting and then I'm meant to be going out for my flatmates belated birthday but I really don't feel like it :/

I dropped a letter in to the Doctor I saw last Friday trying to explain why I got so upset. The surgery here sends you a text the day before your appointment reminding you when it is etc. I just got a text saying my doctor has read my note and will see me as arranged on Friday. I really like that they have a text system, it reassures me that I've got the correct time and date and I don't have to speak to anyone. Also I think it is really nice that they texted me saying he had read it etc. My first appointments with people are almost always bad so I'm hoping this week will be better?

My appointment yesterday was okay, she was really nice however we had a bit of a weight confusion... she usually asks me if my weight it okay (not that actual number) and I've been saying yes because I'm above 18.5 BMI however she was thinking I was saying I was above 20 or 21 so she semi confronted me like "are you sure?" etc so I told her my BMI and we realised we were thinking along different lines. The ED team here accept referrals from people with a history/EDNOS/problems at BMI 19 (bulmia at any weight) so she is probably going to refer me... and I am being referred to the psychologist. She also didn't know that I hadn't had any non-behavioural therapy for the ED i.e. why I have one, how I feel about my body etc.

Erm... yeh. Lab report :(


  1. How long is the lab report meant to be? 600 words is better than nothing, and there’s always tomorrow :) sorry you’re finding it difficult though.

    Ahah, 6 attempts is pretty impressive for a blood test :p my first (and only) blood test I’ve had took 2 attempts and I thought that was bad lol.

    If you don’t feel like going out then don’t. you don’t have to, and if you think your time will be better spent by relaxing, then relax :)
    Well done for dropping off the letter :) hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow, and that text system sounds pretty useful :) let us know how it goes.

    with your appointment yesterday - at least they know now too so can work on that all :)

    sorry, xxxxx

  2. i hope your lab report got finished! i like the idea of the text system; i always get paranoid that i've got the day/time wrong, so it sounds perfect to me! and well done for dropping the letter off :) xo.