Sunday, 20 November 2011

Omg...currently wanting to bang my head against the wall. There is a girl on my degree who told everyone in her flat that she has anorexia (she is at a recovered weight). Her flatmates (one of whom is my friend) are REALLY worried about her. I messaged her because I've met a lot of the people she could talk to and they've all been really nice. She says she doesn't want help because she has been binging and wants to ed to lose the weight. [Surely it is the ED that caused her to binge]
Anyway, she know hates me. Yay for lectures. She says she knows everything about EDs so doesn't need me to tell her [Surely if she knew everything she WOULD hate her ED at least to some extent or in some aspects?]
I'm not saying she has to recover, I just think if she is going to talk to her flatmates about it it really isn't fair to do that but say 'I'm not going to get help though, so you just have to watch this' like she comes out and tells them she has thrown up and stuff. Which given none of them have had EDs before or even friend's with EDs is just a bit scary for them!
I don't tell people, I blog, I go to see Claire, I let myself be referred. ONE girl at uni knows it is a current issue and she is EDNOS verging on AN if her weight drops anymore.
If you want to keep it a secret fine, but to tell people who can't deal with it and refuse to tell people who can deal with it is (I think) unfair.

The weekend was kinda okay, I don't really have the energy to write about it...sorry. Someone put milk in my coffee and now I'm really bloated and have a horrible painful stomach :( seriously was not a fun 3hrs 40mins on the coach from London!


  1. Please define "recovered weight" for me. Not to be rude but she reminds me of the types who claim eds because they want attention.
    Could report her to the ed people confidentially? That you know of a girl who has openly said to her flatmates that she's throwing up and your concerned both for her and also for the flatmates...cuz something like that really isn't fair to the flatmates.
    And it could really affect them.
    Just my opinion. It's what I would do.
    If she is ed, then the peeps who need to know will know. And if it's for attention then she'll either stop or she'll get her attention from trained people.
    Everyone wins.

  2. urghhh, i know people like that and they really bug me. she sounds like an attentiion seeker to be honest :/ but like the above comment says, maybe reporting her confidentially is the best idea? i hope you feel better soon though! xo.

  3. And maybe suggest to the flatmates that they talk to someone...cuz it is cruel to expect those poor flatmates to deal with this alone.
    But the girl's telling so many peeps that she throws up and is anorexic...her trumpeting this is why I wonder if she's for real. Don't most of us try to hide it? To protec the innocent and all that?