Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Hmm so I've decided to quit water polo and that means I'm less stressed out because of stuff. I'm going to try a gym class at the weekend maybe and I'm going to yoga and maybe aerobics taster classes next week. Also I emailed Claire about everything I was stressed about and she said she has some things in mind which might help.

...(went to the common room with friends)...

Anyway, so compared to how I felt yesterday of 'I have to OD tomorrow...' etc. I feel actually quite good?! I'm hoping I might sleep better (earlier) tonight. I have to get to my department for 10am to take part in some research then I have biomed at 12 then lab 2-5pm. I should spend the gap between research and biomed catching up on the notes from when I didn't go to biomed on Monday...

But yeh, not OD'ing. I really need to sort out food. I don't like where I am at the moment, I'm restricting in that I don't eat as much as everyone else but I still eat more than 500/day. I'd rather be normal or properly restricting so I'd lose weight. I actually have no idea what my weight is at the moment. No. Idea. I mean I know roughly just it could be anywhere in a 7lb range. I'm still in the same size clothing though. Size 8 uniqlo jeans are loose but stay up fine (like normal jeans). I'm a 6 in dresses. Or I just wear age 13 or 12-13, age 14 is too bit (H&M and Zara not supermarkets). Nothing has changed. I wanted to be a 6 in jeans for christmas, I can wear them but they are comfy or at all loose. I'm a 28 inch on my underbust (like ribs). Then about 25-26 on my waist? I don't actually know. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I'M TELLING YOU GUYS I'M JUST RAMBLING.

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