Saturday, 19 November 2011

Slept on a Cloud


I’m on the coach to London. There isn’t any internet so I’m writing this in word. I very very nearly missed the coach because the buses from campus kept being cancelled.I saw the doctor this morning. It actually went okay. He has referred me to the ED team, he dictated the letter to them in front of me to make sure he said the right things and I agreed etc. It isn’t about meal plans and everything; it is to do with the emotions surrounding the ED etc. Which is what I have never done before.
I’m seeing him again in two weeks. I don’t think he is going to weigh me then but I would like to have lost weight…Then I had statistics, met my friends in the common room then went to the café and completely out of character ate a jacket potato. The others had already had lunch, I didn’t have to have it but I did and it was nice. Then I’ve had a bag of wotsits (95) and a pack of French fries (97)

I'm in bed, it is almost 3pm. I've been up for just over 3 hours because I had THE BEST nights sleep EVER, my mum got me a matress topper and it is like sleeping on a cloud! Sadly tonight I'm sleeping on an air matress in a sleeping bag at scouts... Unfortunatly I've also been used to living in a double glazed building where the heating is on so much that you open your window even in winter. So my ancient house seems freeeeezing.
Mainly all I can think about is how comfy my bed is, I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays so much now :P

I'm meant to be dressed as something from Lord Of The Rings tonight...I haven't planned anything and when I just tried to dress as a hobbit I looked distinctly more like a Borrower...

Apparently I need trousers cut off below the knee, a dress shirt, waistcoat (vest), tweed jacket and a cloak. I can produce most of those things...I just don't know if I can be bothered...hmmm.

I've decided that by Thursday 1st december I want to have lost 3-4kg. That is my next doctors appointment but it also means that when I go home for christmas (17th December) I'll be enough underweight that even if I gain 1kg/week I'll still be borderline underweight when I go back mid-january. Everyone gains weight over christmas. I haven't for the last four years I don't think...I know 06-07 xmas I lost and 07-08 xmas I lost, 08-09 xmas I lost, I'm not sure about the other years but I think I gained then. My mum has started buying christmas foods and I do want to be able to eat them!

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  1. Lord of the rings costumes? I am intrigued by this...