Wednesday, 23 November 2011

So I think I'm not going to OD

I went out this afternoon, to IKEA which was pretty good. It takes about an hour to get there so we only just got back and I'm really tired.
I haven't bought any tablets so I guess I'm not OD'ing. Also I have told one person that I'm not going to water polo anymore. I need to tell the Captain but I can just do that over facebook. It feels kinda realaxing. Claire said she had some ideas about things I could do instead.
I don't want to go to hospital and everything, I don't have to energy to deal with all their questions about why I have done things etc.
So I'm not going to...


  1. I'm glad to hear this, you sound like I did when I quit roller derby. It was too stressful to keep up with, but was relaxing once I let it go :) And I <3 IKEA...seriously gets the creative juices flowing and I usually come home from that place on a cleaning and organizing frenzy! Hope the rest of your day is well <3Jade

  2. Good!! i don't want you to OD and no one else does either! (feel free to text me if things get rough or if you think you might, okay?)

    how come you won't go to waterpolo anymore? :) i'm glad you feel relaxed about this :)


  3. sounds like a good plan to me! text me whenever/ if you want to :) xo.