Wednesday, 28 December 2011


3 coffees- 60
porridge- 150
mushrooms -10
2 small eggs- 108
= 328

My mum is making chickpea curry for dinner, I don't eat that so I'll be able to make my own thing.

I'm stressing a lot, I need to finish my lab report this afternoon, it should only take another hour or so if I actually knew what to write. Next term I really need to write them straight after the class/ make way more notes during class because I just can't remember half of it. Pretty sure I'm writing the statistics in the wrong format :/ I only need 50% but still...

Spot world has grown on my face it is pretty icky. I'm not taking a couple I'm talking 20+ some of which have been reoccuring for weeks :( going to talk to my doctor about it when I get back to uni. Maybe he could just bung me on some anti-biotics and knock out the spots and whatever is making me so tired...I've only been on them twice. Once when I was 6 and once on IV in hospital...

Anyway... lab report. Then I can start on revision YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


  1. Tell me about it spot's so annoying it's coming now, when I'm not a teen anymore! Hope you manage to ZAP them :) xx

  2. Ugh... don't even talk about spots and antibiotics. I was just on them for sinusitis, and they gave me a rash all over my body, including my face. Apparently, I'm allergic. So I win the spottiness award! Ha.

    Best of luck with the lab reports. I loathe scientific writing. xxx