Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Can't sleep, won't sleep, want to disappear. I'm hungry.
328 +
table spoon of rice - 114 (apparently :S)
3 chicken nuggests - 120
lettuce - 10
smarties - 200

I really want to know what I weigh but I'm too scared. Too scared my mum will notice if I put batteries in the scales. Too scared I'll have gained. Too scared I won't have lost...because at the moment I feel thinner but it is probably just because I'm restricting so feel good, not because I actually am any lighter.

I know it is kind of morbid...but I make spreadsheets with how long it would take me to die from losing weight. Currently mid-May, not that I plan on dying. I just like to know.


  1. How do you know? How long it would take?

  2. The rice can't be right :/ see here babe - (I know Yahoo isn't very reliable but it sounds more realistic than your calorie total!) x

  3. Take care lovely, you are worth more. xxx