Saturday, 17 December 2011


It is funny you know. How you can go away for 3 months and still be screwed up around food but in a different way, do different things. Now I'm home and I'm counting calories and I'm looking forward to going to bed and writing in my diary. I've written in my diary about 3 times since the beginning of October. I've just slipped back to the old me. Very, very quickly. It makes me happy, things feel familiar and I have 5kg to lose by the end of January but it makes me sad. Does this mean if I do say, recover at university that I'll come home to the old me? I don't know. In all honesty it is a long way off.
I had a lot of post when I got home, including my exam certificates from college. I also got an award for "outstanding achievement in a-levels" £25 :D really wasn't expecting a cheque!
I'm probably going shopping with my brother tomorrow. He needs to do Christmas shopping but we usually get presents for me together...I just don't know what I want!

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  1. I always feel like I revert to my old self when I go home... not a good feeling. I look forward to seeing my parents and friends, but as soon as I get there, I fall into my old habits, and can't seem to break the pattern. I'm sorry you're experiencing something similar. Well done on your a-levels, I suppose, if you're getting monetary rewards! that'll help with christmas shopping, if you need to do any last minute...