Sunday, 25 December 2011


It doesn't actually feel that Christmassy, but I don't really mind. The only thing I asked for for Christmas was glow in the dark stars and I got them so :) I also got a ring from my mum, pjamas, mittens, a dress from my older brother, elephant salt and pepper shakers, a purse with an elephant on and a guide to living with roomates.
I've eaten about 5 chocolates and 6? chocolate coins. I feel kinda okay about it, I also had gingerbread porridge which did limit the amount of chocolate I've eaten. Don't feel like I've binged but don't want anymore and it isn't haunting my thoughts, just feel a bit sick.
I'm pretty darn cold (because my house is really old) so I'm wearing my XMAS TSHIRT that I made at Lissy's, the reindeer jumper I bought when I went shopping with shannice, rudolph socks Lissy got my for xmas, leggings and my new PJ bottoms :) contemplating the mittens but they do impede typing...

On Christmas eve eve I emailed my therapist from my first hospital. It is almost 5 years ago that I was there. I found her email address ages ago but wanted to have lots of positive things to tell her. Kinda realised life is never going to be perfect so emailed her saying all the good with slight mentions to the negetives. I really hope she emails me back after Christmas. That hospital really sucked but she made things a lot better and was so much nicer than any of the other staff there.

We're having duck, roast potatoes and lots and lots of vegetables for lunch/dinner plus gravy, stuffing, red cabbage and probably some other things. But it all just goes on the table and we serve ourselves so it really isn't that bad because at least today no one will suggest I need more on my plate so I do actually feel okay about it. Plus we will have crackers and paper hats :)

The one part I am stressing about it dessert. I don't like christmas pudding and nor does my younger brother so my mum got chocolate torte and ice cream for us. Which firstly is super sickly and high fat and high calorie but I'm also lactose intolerant and it is a lot worse than even in the summer. So I can't really eat it...I'm sure it'll be fine.

Hope you're all at least surviving the festive period! xxx


  1. you asked for glow in the dark stars? do you mean the ones you stick on your ceiling? <3 gosh, i used to love those! haha :)

    merry christmas, eloise ^^ enjoy your family time!

  2. hahaha you really dressed the part for the holiday... if only everyone were as festive as you are! I'm glad you emailed your therapist, if that relationship was positive. Those connections are good to maintain. Other things that are good? GLOW IN THE DARK STARS. I had them on my ceiling, but then it leaked and caved in, and i have yet to get them for my new one. Sad day... Anyway, I hope you survived your dessert, and that all was as lovely as it should be. xxx