Sunday, 4 December 2011

My therapeutic weekend with Dr Lissy :P

Slipper socks!

So after a super crazy few weeks I have had the most lovely weekend in London with Lissy and then I saw Lily this afternoon.
It was just so nice to be somewhere familiar with people I am comfortable with and eating foods I am comfortable with.
I met Lissy at King's Cross and we went back to her house via Sainsbury's where we got some bits for dinner. Went back and ate, said hi to her family, chilled out in her room. Facebook stalked people :P and chilled out. Saturday we didn't get up until 11am because her bed is sooo comfy. Had breakfast (bran flakes for the win!) then went to a craft shop. We both REALLY needed the loo and there was one of those pod ones you pay to go in (10p) and it didn't work so I got angry on the phone to them. We got a bit overexcited in this craft shop and never made it to the Charity shop we also meant to go to in that part of town.
Then we went to Oxford Street and it was lovely because she is pretty much the only person I know I can shop in the children's section with :) got some leggings in Zara and some hair clips in Assesorize. Then we went to Primark and got some t-shirts to decorate. Matching penguin slipper socks (Lily C you better be jealous :P) I got a t-shirt and we both got lots of socks yaaay.

Went back to the house, had dinner, decorated our t-shirts. Her Dad took the piss and it was all good.

We got up this morning and had breakfast then went to Starbucks to make our plans for the week. We have timetables, it may sound kinda...odd but it was the most useful thing to do with someone else because I felt like the options I have planned are actually possible like what to do in gaps between lectures and stuff. Lists of who to call and what to talk to Dr Connor about. I feel a bit bad that we ran out of time to properly do hers together but I'm going to email her some stuff.

Then I went to Camden and met Lily, we got coffee and chatted, and wandered then got falafel wraps and chatted. It was super lovely to see her, then the stupid tube station closed in this stupid Sunday system they have to we had to get a taxi to the station. Then we had to run to the platform...basically I can't run, I don't know what my body does but not only do I get out of breath but when I'm running it feels like the blood doesn't go to my legs or arms, plus I had two bags. So she ran ahead and told them I was coming but the train was pulling away. Luckily I have a disabled railcard so they are much more lenient about changing tickets so I'm currently sitting on the one an hour later. We got a drink, I coughed up a tonne of gunk of my chest for about half an hour (pretty sure I have a chest infection, it has been like this for 2 weeks). Then she put me on my train :) it meant we got an extra hour together so it was lovely really.

But mainly I feel like I'm on my way back to uni for 'tools' for dealing with it, I know that sounds really therapy-like but hey, been 'in therapy' for 5 years, the NHS should be glad it has sunk in a bit. So I'm really hoping that even if I feel really bad this week I'll deal with it better.

It is quite exciting being on a train with wi-fi

I get some money to do with having a disability, that is why I have a disabled railcard and a bus pass and stuff. But I think I need to specifically have some to one side to come to London when things are getting bad. Like I can actually go and stay with Lissy for a couple of days and get the doctor to write me a leave of absence. They always suggest going home but I'd be a lot better going to Lissy's as, even if she had appointments they'd only be a few hours and I'd feel safe and we are actually good for each other... I think. Like how much she is eating doesn't affect me and vice versa and even if we are both doing badly and don't have to energy to overtly help each other we are still friends and will just chill out and it'll be okay. But I panic about how much a train ticket is when you don't get it in advance but really it would be a lot healthier to just spend the money rather than end up OD'ing...


  1. YAY :D Basically move in with me, is all I really have to say. Thank you for a lovelylovely weekend :) :) love youooou xxxx

  2. it sounds like you both had a lovely weekend! i'm very jealous of the socks and you definitely have to come visit me sometime (if you want to?) xo.

  3. Your weekend sounds lovely... I'm so glad! xx