Thursday, 8 December 2011

Okay so it isn't quite 1am and I've already blogged today. Lets mix it up a tad? No, obviously not, it isn't like the subject matter will be new.

So I did indeed go to my lab class, I took part in a study on risk taking, analysed the data and showed...that none of the independent variables had an effect. This will be such a fun report to write, not.
I need to write an essay before then however.

I can't get my head around the ED appointment. I don't know how long the appointment is for, I need to find out. Oh goodness, why am I doing this.


11-12 Statistics

12-2 Library (aggression essay)

2-3 Social lecture

3.20-3.40 Dr C.

Evening- watch The White Ribbon, Christmas Cards, make secret santa present.


Social essay

Christmas cards

Go into town- Primark, Fopp, John Lewis (Christmas Shopping)


Social essay

Christmas cards/ any Craft thing




Meeting with warden and JCR 7.30pm


7am get up and shower

7.50am leave

9.00am arrive

9.15am appointment with Joanne Mitchell (ED service)

2-3pm Participant in Study (Psychology department)



Evening- All you can eat xmas meal with L-block


Statistics 11-12

Social psychology 2-3pm


Getting picked up about 11am, home by 6pm ish for the next 4 weeks.

I might have more appointments, and I do have work to do...but I need to fill more time :/ I don't know what I'm doing about food at the moment. Tomorrow I kind of want to get soup or a jacket potato after my stats lecture. Saturday and Sunday 11.30am-1pm I can get a jacket potato from the dining hall but I don't know :/ . Next week I probably won't eat until Thursday because of the assessment and then the meal out on Thursday evening. I weighed myself this morning and my weight was still massively higher than last week. Massively higher than any weight this year I think. I don't know. I just can't remember when I was last this weight.

Ohhh I have found this place on campus that does smoothies though, and they accept the meal card so I can get a smoothie for £2.45/£2.95 depending on size and it is made with frozen fruit and juice from a squeezy juice machine. This leaves me with £2 on my meal card for rice cakes/ diet soda/ whatever. I mean I COULD get a jacket potato and a smoothie as I have a plain jacket potato which is £1.80. But that would probably be 500 calories all together.

I think if I walk into town plus doing everything else I can burn 800-1000 calories on Saturday/Sunday/Monday whenever I go.

Got distracted by ebay...1:21am now xxx

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  1. Your schedule is crazy, though I envy that in a way. Good luck figuring out meals! And thanks so much for your last comment, it was helpful in my attempts to sort out the mess that is my brain these days, xx