Monday, 12 December 2011

The scale is a rollercoaster of emotions, do you want to ride it?

Blogging from Starbucks :)
I got up quite late, about 10ish because as usual I couldn't sleep and my sleep meds only make me sleep for one sleep cycle (about 90mins).
Then I spent pretty much the whole day (until 3.30pm) referencing my essay. I had only done in text references like (Eloise, 2011) then I had to do the whole section at the end with all the authors, publications etc. But I got it in on time. I wrote 1000 words but the referencing section is another 600...but it isn't like they want undergrads to have their own opinions.
I found three degrees at my university that I think I would qualify to change to. Neuroscience, Neuroscience and Pharmacology or Biosciences: Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. They are all AAB (I have ABB at A-level) and want you to have 2 science A-levels (I only have Biology). However by next September I will have done a year of BSc level Psychology so if I get a 2:1 or 1st in that (B or A) then I think I would be okay? I just have to decide if I actually want to change or not...

Anyway, in general I feel a bit better today. This is pretty much because I weighed less this morning, I haven't eaten anything today and I've handed in my essay.

There is a French film on in half an hour, I can see it for £3. I don't know whether to go or not. It means I can avoid eating.


  1. Blogging at starbucks is my favorite. I love it here :)

  2. When do you have to say about changing courses by? (as in, do you have plenty of time to decide and see how it goes? Or can you apply to another course then withdraw it if you change your mind?)

    I really hope you had something in the end,