Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I think I'm feeling better today than yesterday...except I'm not revising. Anyway, the lovely deleted my account on that website for me, and I've deleted the email address. It wasn't some sort of sexual desire it was me...just wanting to get hurt. Anyway, big fuss over nothing, I'm sorry.

It is my brother's birthday and I think we're going out for dinner :/
My mum is pissed off with me because I screamed at my dad yesterday. Everything is fine with my dad, he thought my messy room was a sign of depression being worse and anyway I just got really upset and he would leave to I screamed at him til he did... my mum is annoyed because it 'made her feel ill' and eurgh, if my dad is fine with me (I apologised, we talked) then why is she bleugh with me?


So scared I'm going to fail my exams.

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