Thursday, 26 January 2012


It is 5:11am and I’ve been awake for an hour and twenty minutes. I really just want an off switch between 11pm and 8am. Instead right now I’m wide awake, which is fine, I’ve had 6 hours but daytime radio isn’t even on yet. I have 3 hours before campus cafes are open. I don’t like being awake this long. You inevitably eat more.

My group of friends spilt into a 6 and a 4 for houses next year however a person from each group dropped out leaving a 5 and a 3. I’m in the 5, I like everyone in that group and we’ve already looked at one house, we’re seeing 3 more today. But last night the group of 3 sat us down and said they understood we’re happy in a five but would we live in a 4 and a 4 nextdoor to eachother. However…I do not want to live with one of the girls in the 3. She triggers me so so so much. She isn’t a horrible person at all, a tad annoying but she triggers me about food or whatever then I restrict or cut or whatever. I don’t want to CHOOSE to live with her. If you live in university halls (U.S dorms) you just get put anywhere, some blocks are female only but mainly it is just a mix of everyone. I have been really lucky, everyone I live with is nice. But I wouldn’t choose to live with this girl and the idea of it meant I cut more yesterday that I would have :(


Still awake, dressed, everything. I've summerised 3 houses we are looking at today (as a group of 5). I like all of them and they are all in a better location than the one yesterday because they are 2 minutes from campus. This means I can easily get home if I need a rest or for some reason need a shower or something and or that I don't have to lug 10kg of books around al day. Though I do have a new rucksack :) *searches for picture* I can't find one because they've stopped selling them online. Yeh...if you remember that rucksack I was making last summer...still not finished :/ probz going to give it to Lissy if I ever do finish it.

I think I'm going to get breakfast with my friends just cause I have nothing else to do... :O

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  1. I hope something gets sorted for the house thing for next year. Do you know who will move from your 5 to the 3 if that happens? there's nothing to say it will be you, and i'm sure if you explain to the 5 you struggle to be around one of the 3 then they'll understand. worth trying anyways? :)

    Hope the houses you looked at were good :) xxx