Thursday, 5 January 2012

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Need to revise but I just can't make myself pick up and open my books!!! I want to be in London with Lissy just chilling otu and having fun. At home even if I'm not getting work done my head doesn't get a break.
We went out for my brother's birthday yesterday. Food. Then my brother and I went to a pub and chatted. Talked about university and stuff, I mentioned food. He didn't realise that I restricted on purpose and he didn't realise I (used to) make myself sick... we've had conversations about it. I told him that the woman I saw was from the EATING DISORDER service. The other day I said that I've had some sort of eating disorder for over five years. What the hell did he think I was on about when I was saying that? What the hell did he think was going on when I was in hospital??
Logged into that website again...I had 90 messages. The website sends out messages 'from' me to random guys so then they think I'm interested, I mean some had just messaged me but still. Not going back on it. I did delete the email address but I can't delete my membership on the site and it doesn't expire for 20 years... (you have to call this phone number to do it).
I am just so tired, I haven't even done anything but I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep. My house is cold :(

If you were that anon and you're reading this could you get back to me?

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  1. Oh, dear, I hope you can sleep! And I hate that website for having long-term membership... seems sketch. Hope you managed to have some fun with your brother, and that you can focus on revisions! xxx