Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cognitive Psychology exam

I should be spending my last 15 minutes revising but I just don't feel like I can take anymore in. I only started revising for this exam YESTERDAY, I did about 8 hours...well more like 7, I drank A LOT of coffee so was peeing every 20 minutes.
I feel like I've covered enough to pass though and this module is worth twice as much as my others. I got 69% in my coursework which means I already have 17% as a module grade so I need...30% in the exam to pass the module...I think! (It is 25% coursework and 75% exam).
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, a bit worried about it..well, very worried. Need to talk to him about chest pains, fainting and my thoughts/ plans to OD. Joy.

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  1. cognitive psychology sounds interesting. I am enjoying your blog. Nice to meet you!