Thursday, 12 January 2012

I feel a bit lost. I have one proper day at home left, it feels like it has crept up so quickly. Then Saturday I have to pack everything up then Sunday is travelling and unpacking.
I don't even want to think beyond that because I told Claire I'd lost a little bit of weight and she is going to see me and think I'm a liar because I look really pudgy. Anyway.
So I really want to do something...but everything seems scary and ahh. Like I want to go out but it is really cold to walk the dog down by the sea which is where my dad normally takes her. I might suggest the woods. I want to take the bikes to the woods but my bike is in Nottingham and my brother's bike is too big for me...
I could go shopping but there is nothing I want except more funky socks, some plain which t-shirts to decorate for people and... yep that is it. I used to find shopping really...I don't know kind of relaxing? I mean I always get anxious going out but I'd find something that was a really good bargain or something and that was nice. Now I'm just not that bothered.
I could suggest going out with my brothers in the evening but that would involve food which is a bit too much of a stress. I don't know. I could go to Nandos and have a chicken burger and frozen yoghurt for just under 500 calories. Buuuut last time we went there it was REALLY noisy so we couldn't really talk. Hmm..


  1. It's ok, i know it's a change but I'm sure you'll be ok.

  2. Hi. Gah. Don't really have much to say these days, but I'm thinking of you. xx