Sunday, 22 January 2012

If I binge and purge will it show in my bloods?

So I know people don't really read my blog anymore (yes I'm sad enough to look at my blogger stats)..but oh well.

I want to binge and purge. Or at least, I want to shop for a binge and purge.

I have a blood test on Wednesday.


  1. Apparently even if your results are normal range they can tell by the levels of shit. Having said that I think it depends on who looks at the results/ whether they know b/p is a possibility. X

  2. Yes, like Lissy said, they have ways of telling.

  3. The most likely indicator is your potassium level, I believe... the b/p lowers it significantly. However, if you've got till wednesday, it should stabilise. Particularly if you eat oranges/drink orange juice... that's my choice method of controlling potassium levels. xx