Friday, 6 January 2012

Lack of suitably witty or depressing title

I feel a bit like crying. I'm not sure why.

I'm staying with Lissy tomorrow evening until Monday.

I didn't do any revision today, I went shopping and didn't buy anything. Constructive.

I want to weigh myself at Lissy's BUT I don't want to end up being a state and her having to deal with it.


  1. Hope your feeling passes, and maybe just try to weigh yourself when lissys occupied? X

  2. Oh, dear, I hope that you can find a reason not to be so down... Sounds like things are pretty bleak, but you'll be back at school soon, at least, which sounds like it'll be more comfortable than home. Hang in there, xx

  3. i hope you feel better, i hope you do have a good time at lissy's house. You deserve a good time.