Saturday, 7 January 2012

Seeing Lissy, Seeing Lissy, Seeing Lissy

Seeing Lissy, seeing Lissy, seeing Lissy. And A and M and H-L. Seeing Lissy, seeing Lissy, seeing Lissy. Then everything will feel alright again because to crazy people make a sane one just like two negatives make a positive (mathematically speaking). It isn't as good as the triangle. Lissy, Lily and I. That is a pretty ace triangle, structurally sound and everything. Because a pyramid just holds one person up.

I'm going to sleep, I'm going to feel okay even if I end up crying, I'm going to have starbucks and buy a pencil case.


  1. YAY :D

    I lubb our triangle. I also love the you, me, Lily, Victor square :P

    Love you and see you soon :) :)

    I don't panic about being insomnia filled when you're here


  2. Excellent use of mathematics:)
    Have fun, xx

  3. lol have a great time :)