Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I'm a bit concerned because I left my room unlocked last night and then I had to log in to my blog just now and I ususally leave my google logged in. I'm probably being paranoid but I just feel suspicious that someone has looked on it. Hmm.

I'm still really tired but I got woken up by someone talking loudly at 8:20 when I could have slept in as late as I wanted. That was an hour ago and I've given up trying to get back to sleep. Which means I should get dressed and start studying :/

I'm pretty sure I'll get my scale back for Thursday so I can weigh myself then. Cue meltdown or moderate happiness.

Urg! I just want to not be tired!!!

1 comment:

  1. Blogger occasionally logs itself out on my computer, so perhaps that's what happened with yours... I doubt someone would have crept into your room and read your blog unless they had reason to suspect they'd find something there, which it doesn't seem like they would. Not that this'll make you feel any better, I suppose, because worries like that never really go away. I hope you can get some rest, perhaps that'll make things better, at least marginally...! xxx