Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Today I only walked 4.3km compared to yesterday's 8.6, so exactly half the distance, less than half the calories and less than half the fat burned (because more has come from the odd step here and there rather than sustained walking).
I met with Claire and the career's advisor. I found out if I transfer courses I'll stay on the current fees :D (UK uni fees increase to £9000 in September for new undergrads, the current maximum is £3225). So I still need to apply to change, but if I can't change at least it'll be an academic reason not a financial one.

I ate half a cookie (210), salad (10) and curly fries (500?!) plus hot chocolate (100) and coffee (60).

Which I feel really bad about but adding up the calories it isn't too bad.

My friend's and I are viewing a house to rent next academic year on Friday before my last exam. Quite exciting.

I have a blood test at 12.20pm tomorrow. I'm only having water before it, I don't want my blood glucose to show I've eaten. I know it is stupid. Normally I'd have coffee so it isn't that different. Fat.

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