Tuesday, 10 January 2012


It is Tuesday but it feels like Monday because I was still in London with Lissy yesterday. I'm really tired, though I've slept for three nights now. I went to the orthodontist this morning, then drove around with my Dad looking for some specific paint, he parked in a parent and child carpark space which was kinda cute (just to clarify, the carpark was empty, we weren't making parents struggle with their buggies!). Then he let me drive which was cool as we didn't argue, we usually do when I drive.
Now I'm home and in 5 days I'm going back to university and I need to revise but at the same time I just want to snuggle in bed and drink hot chocolate and relax a bit.
I weighed myself at Lissy's and I'd lost some weight, not a lot just a few pounds but nice to know.

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  1. Great about your weight loss, glad you enjoyed your day out with your dad :)