Monday, 16 January 2012

Winter at University

I got up this morning. I left at 9 and walked for an hour before my appointment with Claire at 10. There was frost so the whole place was white, and the lake had very thin ice all the way across. It was pretty and quite. Seeing Claire was okay, we actually talked a lot more about feelings than we usually do, we did the practical side too. We talked about clothes sizes and basically how not being able to wear age 13-14 would be a worry for me, like if I didn't fit in them then I would think I was fat(ter). And that being anything over a size 8 (US 4) would full on freak me out. Erm. ED services do want to see me, she is trying to sort it out with my GP so that I see this person she thinks would work for me. I think an ED nurse called James.
I have meeting next Wednesday with Claire and a man from careers to talk about changing degree :)
Then I met with my new mentor Chris. She is really nice, I'm meeting her at 8:45am tomorrow before my 9am exam just to check everything is okay. She is getting in touch with this person who helps people access sport and exercise about a fitness class I could do like yoga...basically low intensity 'healthy exercise'.
Then I went to the Psychology building and gave in my letter saying I have extenuating circumstances in these exams because i iz crazeee.
Saw my friends, we went and bought lots of pencils for our exam.
Came back and dyed my hair because of some random orange bits. Now I have my standard dark brown hair. (The orange parts were from where my neighbour and I bleached some random bits last term, then I henna'd my hair red, it washed out = orange).
I wasn't going to eat today...but then I went to dinner and had green beans, lettuce and a piece of bread.

THEN we talked about who is going to live with who next year...basically it is probably going to end up my friend Claire and I finding a place together then the others in two houses of four. Because otherwise I have to live with a girl I don't like, or Claire has to live with a guy she is scared of (when he is drunk). But I'm okay with that...I guess I feel a bit worried that if I go psycho or an a moody depressed person it won't be fun for her :/

I walked 7km which is 4.3 miles. Better than nothing I guess.

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