Saturday, 11 February 2012

après-midi avec Shannice

This morning I got up and did some of my lab report, I'm on 707 words now and about halfway through which is really unusual for me. Usually I only write about 1000 words and not until the day before it is due in.
I didn't walk to town today, I got the bus, which means in total today I only walked 3.6km... I feel pretty lazy.
Anyway, I met up with Shannice, bought starbucks, chatted. We went to zara hoping to collect my Hello Kitty pjs but they hadn't arrived yet. Went to primark...I spent £30...eek. Figure I must be smaller because the age 12-13 dress isn't at all tight, the smaller size would look ridiculous though, this one fits.
I got some things for dressing up like Beckii Cruel for my friend's birthday party (she is from the isle of man so we're all dressing up as people from there).
Today I've had:
3 coffees
1 mocha light frappacino
wotsits crisps
skips crisps
space invaders crisps
pistachio nuts

922 calories...I think that is the most I've had in ages.

Shannice and I took loads of pictures with her AMAZING camera. I think I look awful and huge in most of them but anyway.

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  1. Jesus woman how long does it take you to get on the internet?! YOU do not look any bigger because you ate , and you do not look huge or awful in the photos i promise. You're beautiful smelly. and skips are cool.